A Guide To Natural Acne Treatment

A Guide To Natural Acne Treatment

A Guide To Natural Acne Treatment

For those suffering of this skin condition, acne is often a burdensome and embarrassing problem. There are many medications developed to cure acne, but the truth is that a natural acne treatment can be just as effective, or even more powerful. Conventional treatments of acne don’t always work and they can also cause some unwanted side effects. Many conventional acne treatments include antibiotics and that cause the body developing an antibiotic resistance.

A holistic approach would take care of the right nutritional balance and the proper skin care as main tools to find against acne. The complementary or alternative treatments for acne include creams, gels, and lotions based on natural active compounds. Other natural treatments for acne can include special dietary routines, dietary supplements and herbs.

Natural acne treatment based on Manuka honey

The Manuka bush is indigenous in New Zealand and the Manuka honey comes from there as well. Manuka honey proved to be active in curing acne and is lately promoted widely on the Internet. This particular honey has wound-healing properties and significant antibacterial effects. More studies shown that the wounds dressings impregnated with honey accelerate healing. Honey can also stop the production of free radicals. The most effective in healing wounds and acne is the Manuka honey variety, but all varieties of honey can be used with success. For treating acne you need to apply a honey mask to your face once a week.

Natural acne treatment based on Tea tree oil

The Tea tree is a small tree native to Australia. From the leaves of the Tea tree can be extracted an essential oil that has been for long used as an effective and safe treatment for acne. The Tea tree oil can reduce the acne lesions and doesn’t have side effects such as irritation, burning, itching or dryness.

Other alternatives for a natural acne treatment

There are many alternatives treatments for acne recommended by the practitioners of alternative medicine. Some of them include topical treatments based on fruit acids or tannins. The natural astringent properties of tannins make them a good choice for a natural acne treatment. A tincture or lotion containing tannins can be home made by boiling in one cup of water a mixture of 5-10 grams of bark extract from trees such as English walnut, white oak, or witch hazel. The commercial preparations are not recommended because by the distillation process the tannins are removed as well. Good effects in treating acne have also the fruit acids such as tartaric, malic, gluconic, glycolic, gluconolactone, and citric acids.

Some natural supplements can also be used in treating acne. Vitex is a whole fruit extract designed to treat the premenstrual acne. It can directly influence the pituitary gland on balancing the luteinizing hormones levels and follicle stimulating hormone. Vitex can reduce the estrogen levels and increase the progesterone levels. The Brewer’s yeast extract has antibiotic effects, same as the Bittersweet Nightshade extract.

Alpha hydroxyl acids are natural acids found in citrus fruits and, when applied topically, they can help unclogging the skin pores and removing dead skin cells. The appearance of acne scars can also improve with the help of alpha hydroxyl acids. The azelaic acid is naturally found in some animal products and whole grain cereals. This acid also has antibacterial properties and is included in creams for natural acne treatment.